/ Pimp My Ride – STC Europe

How do you ‘ramp up’ when you have a small paddock?

That’s the challenge Tata Communications threw us for the annual Develop In Brighton tradeshow. Big flashy UK-based gaming event, small presence. Prerequisite:  create a buzz.

Hmm hmm hmm. Brain racking: fit some educational materials here, insert razzle-dazzle promo there, and prep up a cool, laid-back, glitzy environment gaming geeks can relate to. All this in record time and with a 2x4m space to play around with – 100% custom made, naturally. It’s more fun to rush and crunch.

The result?

“Take InstaCompute for a Spin” as a baseline and theme, screaming out for folks to demo TC’s new Cloud Computing solution on iPads. A booth environment fashioned around the Tata Group’s Jaguar Racing Heart Driving Experience, a contest offering lucky chaps a go at racing Jaguar’s newest high end sports cars in an exclusive setting with professional drivers as sidekicks: all yours to ransack for driving tips.

And we’re already revving up for next year. Maybe we’ll throw in booth babes in “racy” shirts, premium Jag’ tires piled up in a corner, and clumps of race flags to jack up our presence…  Or maybe we’ll build a show-wide racetrack to occupy the full surface of the hall. Why not? – it’s a gaming “the sky’s the limit” show after all, nah?

See you in 2012.


Held for the 6th year in a row, Develop In Brighton attracted 1559 developers from more than 20 countries, including traditional gaming industry giants and up-and-coming indie developers. With a 19% increase in attendance, Develop in Brighton is the place to shift gears in Europe for games developers. Click here for more: http://www.developconference.com/

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