/ “En Suite” or Solo?

They say “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Well, “they” omit to consider when parts are in dire need to converge.

The setting?  The IBC 2011 mega-media show held in Amsterdam September 8 – 13, 2011. A must-see/live/breathe experience for all broadcasting media and entertainment professionals.

The challenge?  The Tata Communications Global Media Solutions suite, a “Quality Street chocolate-like” assortment of packaged savories, all intimately related, yet very distinct in shape, color and taste.  How do you feature them all at our IBC custom booth so the umbrella offering comes off tastier than each individual solution?

  1. Prep your assortment of chocolates
    (in this case: InstaCompute, Mosaic, CDN, Video Connect)
  2. Place them in a box so they’re all harmoniously and equally displayed
  3. Make sure the ensemble is shinier than each chocolate taken individually
  4. Target your chocolate aficionado, sprinkle a little strategy, and Tada!View Photo Gallery
    View Collateral Library

Since we’re into sweets, we equipped the booth with a real candy counter to manage sugar-lows peaks of alley-meandering show attendees.

Tata Communications’ success in presenting a unified front translated into 63 V.I.P. one-on-one demos, 300+ promising leads, and a full house at the Cloud Computing Comes of Age panel chaired by Julian Wheeler, Tata Communications’ VP of Global Media & Entertainment. A very cool Video Kiosk brought together all GMES solutions in one place.

And so the parts convey the sum, and the sum acts unanimously to create, transcode, deliver, publish, manage and archive media content. Life is like a box of chocolates. In this case, you know exactly what you’re gonna get.


IBC 2011 had record-breaking attendance this year, with over 50,000 visitors from all over the world. IBC 2012 will take place in Amsterdam on September 6-11 2012. For more info: http://www.ibc.org/

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