/ TP or not TP? That is the question…

Or the fine art of penetrating continental Europe markets for the very first time. How do you create a powerful in-market & in-language impact when everyone knows you as an Anglophone-centric company?

Tata Communications holds huge brand equity on a worldwide scale with its large portfolio of Enterprise communications solutions, but primarily in English-speaking countries. And when they asked us to assist the launch of their Telepresence (TP) services in France and Germany, the stakes were high. How could we help Tata Communications exist in countries they barely set foot in?

The challenge encompassed creating an event thematic that would appeal to multiple cultures, and crafting the first set of in-language materials and messaging to fit local market sales and communication strategies.

Luckily for us, Telepresence is the sexiest product alive. Life-size HD screens enabling live global collaboration, brilliant AV quality, concierge-assisted operations, instantaneous setup and features … Let’s be honest: everyone likes to see and be seen.

So “Face to Face Telepresence” became “Telepresence en Face à Face” and “Telepresence Von Angesicht zu Angesicht” in French and German respectively.

The launches took place in Paris, Frankfurt and Munich at the swanky Meridien hotels, where public Telepresence rooms reside.

Tata Communications’ Managing Director for Europe & Africa, Claude Sassoulas, took to the stage with spokespeople from the Indian Embassy and influential IT consulting circles. Turnout from IT decision-makers exceeded expectations with 50 guests in Paris, 45 in Frankfurt and 30 in Munich, and participants experienced full Telepresence immersion first-hand.


As a result, Tata Communications’ local brand exposure was reinforced, as well as customer, prospect and partnership opportunities in continental Europe.  More launches to come in Europe and around the world as Tata Communications unfolds its Telepresence Global Meeting Exchange (GMX) network.

In an effort to adapt to new and emerging markets, Tata Communications secures a truly universal and multi-cultural footprint. “To be” through TP is definitely the answer to the question: exist, be heard and be seen locally.

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