Over the years, there have been many definitions of “achievement”–here is one of the best.

“High achievement, in all save a few odd lines, regularly flows from much contriving, wide observation, cautious experiments, many social connections, close study and a surprising mileage of travel–even though the travel is confined to the floor of a laboratory or between office and court room.

Almost never is it a matter of doing something very well just once. It rests upon ‘batting average’.

The three determiners of achievement are: (a) high endeavor, (b) great difficulties to be surmounted, and, (c) finally success”.

One of the best examples of this description is seen in the documentary entitled, “Valentino: The Last Emperor” which describes the long-term effort and determination that went into the spectacular career of the Italian couturier, Valentino. The ending is a climatic tribute to the designer’s 45 years in fashion and his retirement.

Postscript: a disclaimer at the end of the documentary notes that Valentino’s replacement last just two seasons.

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