/ Wheel Your Way In…

… to the consumer’s ear. Close, real close.

How? With Maclaren of course! The strollers, not the Formula 1 race cars. We’re talking baby material, not grown-up testosterone stuff.

Maclaren, the renowned consumer parenting brand birthed in the 1960’s in the UK, has built proven brand equity worldwide with a variety of innovative childcare buggies, accessories and furniture.

Of the many global campaigns we pushed for Maclaren, we were tasked with getting up close and personal with mammas and papas from the French market by means of a national social media campaign. How do you successfully build a community contest from the ground up in a virgin market with an in-language social media first? And how do you guarantee a direct and durable impact on end-consumers when your outreach strategy has historically been to tackle them via retailers?

Baby steps, naturally.

Fortunately, we were working with a hip product, the all-new Denim Quest stroller, made of high-quality jeans material designed to withstand the elements. Durable, stylish, hot and trendy, worn with everything all year long, denim would be a hit with new generations of parents. We couldn’t wait to launch.

In association with Mozy online backup solutions and Olympus cameras, the campaign explored “Baby’s First Moments”, a concept dear to all parents. First tooth, first step, first day at the beach – you name it! Every occasion counts and deserves proper recognition because it only happens once.

The consumer campaign ran in the form of a contest right before the Christmas holidays, targeting French mums and dads across the nation for a chance to win a MozyHome subscription, an Olympus camera, and the very desirable Denim Quest.

A Facebook fan page and application were created to support the campaign and promote the 3 sponsors. Participants had to post a photo of their “Baby’s First” heartstring-tugging moment, with the winner collecting the most online votes.





To spice things up, we involved a group of influential French bloggers super-proficient in all things parenting. As highly-opinioned individuals with strict posting criteria, they would save or sink the day.

5 select blogs were hand-picked, all center-stage to the online parenting community: E-Zabel, Vivi la Chipie, Mama Funky, Nipette Blog, and Ma Poussette à Paris. Fun-filled posts promoted the online contest by redirecting traffic to the Facebook application, and quite naturally they became brand ambassadors for Maclaren Denim Quest.

They led the way via a photo shoot organized by yours truly, to entice the enrollment of participants!




The outcome was a successful 6-week campaign.

The sponsors garnered 7000 + visits and 160+ posts on the Facebook app, as well as a 50+ response-rate on blogs.

These efforts were paired with traditional PR outreach that elicited interest from national mainstream publications such as L’Expansion Tendance, A Nous Paris, abc-luxe.com, abcfeminin.com, Le Journal du Dimanche, Business Madame and L’Officiel Enfant.

That’s a pretty good finish line for a quasi-zero co-branding investment on Maclaren’s part. Maclaren became the “parent whisperer” and continues to empower families with safe, stylish and innovative products.


























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