/ Birth of a new type of Freedom

A bit less than a year ago I started my journey at STC Associates NYC, where I’ve been welcomed as a new member of the team in an office on the 24thfloor of a nice Fifth Avenue building. Glad to meet my new colleagues, discover new clients, and get used to my new daily duties as well as exciting and challenging upcoming projects.

On my first day I was amazed by the stunning view from the conference room of our 245 Fifth office. This dream view overlooks Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building, with the new Freedom Tower, part of the new World Trade Center, rising little by little in the background.

March 11

About once a month, always excited by “the city that never sleeps” architecture, I took a picture of this downtown outlook, following the foundation of the new symbol of the 9/11 reconstruction.

In the meantime, I was also growing in the company, discovering what it is like to hit the new season, new weather, new projects, and new clients with stimulating milestones, trials and successes.

July 13 August 11
September 8 September 30

Last October after 8 months, my tower had already reached 86TH floors and was at 80% of her final height (105 floors); ready to give birth to the new NY skyline.

At this time I was in my element, juggling with clients and deadlines, probably like the construction workers hopping up and down on beams.

October 21

Last November, we moved to the new office, and I can’t see the progress of this new tower, but I know that, like me, she reached her maturity. Freedom Tower is now visible from every part of New York, becoming higher than the ESB.

The old office was like a cozy space where I matured, watching this new tower growing with me. Now I am ready to see the business and the tower from a different angle and welcome new recruits as I am definitely now fully part of the STC family, in a brand new office for a brand new adventure and brand new challenges.


November 20

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