/ “Baby you can drive my car”

…. Actually I take that back. You can drive my stroller, it’s a much better fit for a babe like you… And since we’re in a Beatlemania kind of mind, what better stroller than Maclaren’s unique Yellow Submarine model.

As a world renowned consumer parenting brand for childcare buggies, Maclaren always pushes the creative envelope on new fashionable models. To pay tribute to its home market’s most popular band, the Beatles, Maclaren released a “fab four-inspired” stroller that had fans raving among the parent population.

STC was asked to turn up the volume on Yellow Submarine and garner some quick-return publicity in Europe, with a particular emphasis on France. So we tuned into our Beatles mindset and devised creative ways to make some noise on the local social media scene.

The challenge was sizeable; partly because Maclaren’s social media efforts in France were at their birthing stages; partly because in spite of the Yellow Submarine stroller’s hip style, it also exuded a very unique look. “Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies”. That’s the spirit. Not everyone adheres to the spirit of “bright”.

So how do you rally troops around a bold, colorful, kaleidoscope design and create enough interest to last you a while?

The consumer campaign ran for 2 weeks as an online contest, targeting French mums and dads across the nation for a chance to win the 330 Euro psychedelic stroller.

It was centrally promoted via a French parenting blog, E-Zabel, hand-picked amongst many for its high-traffic and pivotal role as a major parent community influencer.





Participants were asked to post inspiring descriptions of The Ideal Stroller”, with the winner’s name to be drawn out of a hat at the end of the contest. In addition, people doubled up their chances by “Liking” the contest on their Facebook page or relaying it via Tweets and personal blogs.

The crowd unleashed bouts of wild creativity: we collected all types of posts.

Some serenaded Maclaren as THE ultimate stroller maker, others shared Beatles-inspired lyrics and poems, others offered up interminable wish-lists to the Stroller God, summoning him to craft the most inventive stroller yet to be known (coffee-making, hair-drying features, etc).





Our campaign garnered 151 direct blog posts and 38 relay posts (Facebook likes, Tweets and personal blogs). It compiled numerous qualitative comments that further reinforced Maclaren’s position as a distinguished parenting brand.

In short, Maclaren reaped the benefits of a focus group initiative without investing in one. It dipped straight into the consumer’s mind and extracted a pool of suggestions that could help redefine brand attributes and characteristics for the French Market.

Pretty good yield for no upfront investment. To this, we say:

Baby you can drive my car
Yes I’m gonna be a star
Beep beep’m beep beep yeah


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