/ ON BOARD WITH Rosa Levitan

Our go-to social media guru looks relaxed as she sits with her back to the desk and feet up while typing away on her laptop. But looks can be deceiving. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our staffer is a whirling dervish when it comes to keeping STC’s clients front and center on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram — you name it.

What do you miss most about the mid-West?

I’m from Cleveland which is in northeast Ohio — the residents often consider themselves to be the New Englanders of the mid-West. I’m very used to suburban grocery shopping, so I miss hopping in a car, getting a cart and strolling through the supermarket. During my two years in New York, I’ve bought the same thing at the grocery store every week. It’s a very different lifestyle.

Do you have a workout plan for your gym visits?

Yes, I do. I go to the gym roughly five times a week and I make a point of going to different places for a variety of workouts. For example, this morning I went to a boutique gym called Barry’s Bootcamp that’s at 135 West 20th (between 6th and 7th). I love this place! I also do yoga and indoor cycling. And, I belong to Equinox, which has 20 gyms in Manhattan that I’m able to use. I like to mix it up a lot!

Would you ever consider running in the 26-mile New York marathon?

Yes, absolutely. I can’t handle the time needed for training right now. But, at some point in my life I’ll do it. This will probably be in five years or so.

Have you ever run in a half-marathon (21.1 kilometers or 13.1 miles)?

I’ve run two half-marathons this year: one in May that took place in Brooklyn and a second in October on Staten Island. Both races were sponsored by New York Road Runners. They were a lot of fun and a lot of training.

Did you ski during your college days in Vermont?

I’m not a good skier. It’s disheartening to be terrified on the Bunny Hill and seeing three-year-olds zip past you. I did try snowboarding twice before I headed for the lodge.

What’s your favorite restaurant in New York?

For brunch, my favorite is Esperanto at 145 Avenue C (9th Street) where I often order “Acai” which is granola and fruit. I also love Westville which features great vegetable sides.

Do you have a fantasy travel spot that you want to visit?

I have a list and Iceland is at the top. I also want to go to Brazil, Patagonia and Russia. I hate to fly, but I love to travel.

Name your all-time favorite movie?

Beetlejuice is first, followed by Clueless.

What has your mother said to you that resonated?

She has a very ironic, Jewish sense of humor. Whenever I felt anxious about changes in my life she’d say, “Change or die”.

If you had a financial windfall, how would you use it?

The first thing I would do is get someone to clean my apartment once a month.


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