/ THINGS WE LOVE: The Bold Intensity of Red

One of the most striking features of STC’s offices is the use of the color “red”. Cubicle dividers and chair seats have red accents while red desk lamps add a mellow glow to the office. We even have red picture frames in the loo!

The mystique Red is the great clarifier. Ask any interior designer and you will hear, “A touch of red adds crispness to any room.” It is an energizing, emotionally intense color that is associated with strength, action and power. Or, as Sophie Ann Terrisse, the founder of STC notes, “I’ve always loved red. It’s a warm, direct color that doesn’t fool around. You know what you’re getting. That’s why I wanted it for all our offices.”

The usage Red has very high visibility. This is why it is used for stop signs, fire engines, traffic lights and high voltage signs. Red brings text and images to the foreground and stimulates people to make quick decisions. It’s the perfect color for “Buy Now” or “Click Here” buttons on Internet banners and websites. The color red can stimulate the appetite and increase the craving for food, which is why it is often used in restaurants such as McDonalds.

The cultural ties In some societies, red denotes purity, joy and celebration. It is the color of happiness and prosperity — and may be used to attract good luck. In China it is seen everywhere: on pagodas, on tugboats in Hong Kong harbor and on paper lanterns swaying in the breeze. In the past, red was the color worn by Asian brides, but times are changing, and now white is becoming popular. Back in the day, the Bolsheviks in Russia used a red flag when they overthrew the Czar — thus red became associated with communism. Currently, many national flags (French, American, Canadian and British) have incorporated red into their design.

The celebratory aspect What would the Oscars and other award shows and movie premieres be without a “red carpet”? When one gets the red carpet treatment it really feels special. And, of course, we have Red Letter days that instantly say, “This is an important or significant date.”

The physicality Let’s not forget the expression “seeing red” which indicates anger and may stem not only from the stimulus of the color, but from the natural flush of the cheeks — a physical reaction to anger.

The “wow” factor There’s an old saying that goes like this:

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight
Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning

In my estimation, nothing beats spectacular, glowing gold/red sunsets. For years, Key West, Florida has steadfastly said that its sunsets are the best. This may be so. But, once you’ve seen the sunsets at Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico (near Acapulco) that’s it! Key West talks a good game — but Pie de la Cuesta hits it out of the park.

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