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With goals and dreams for 2014 already in the making, we are now looking back at 2013 with wonderment. We’ve rarely shared the successes of our team of graphic artists, writers and business builders. So, before we forget the past year, we’d like to review our own and our client’s accomplishments in 2013.


Did we win all those awards, travel to all those far-flung locations and create all that work? Yes, we did. And, the fact that the STC team enabled each of our clients to surpass their 2013 projected goals is even more rewarding than receiving accolades for outstanding work. Our creative awards were won in a number of categories, from urban branding to digital to content marketing.

Branding by STC Associates

Branding America’s Next Great City

Tysons made great strides toward creating a new residential and business community in Virginia. The project, to be completed in 2050, became a reality in 2013 through the launch of our urban branding strategizing which won two gold awards for Best Urban Branding. The commercial district, with its famous shopping center and a new metro rail system will continue to evolve with STC in 2014.


Designed by STC AssociatesPlatinum Only for Ralph Rucci

Way past its intended lifespan, the Ralph Rucci website earned two more platinum awards for outstanding digital experience in 2013. A holistic journey into an exceptional artistic mind, the site was recently relaunched with a newly inspired sense of modernity and striking avant garde black-and-white art to herald the designer’s new direction.

Designed by STC AssociatesThe Transformative Power Of Wit and Will

Being a part of Suzy Kellems Dominik transformative journey was a privilege. Within a year of its launch, the culture and lifestyle of the site earned two awards for Best New Blog and Best Digital Campaign and attracted a devoted community of over half a million readers and many thousands of loyal followers across all media channels. Editorials from Mumbai, Venice and China garnered a global response that carried the publisher to new creative heights with the launch of her first art exhibit and two new websites.

Additional awards were received for Best Campaign for a Nonprofit were won for The New York Center for Children and Best Online for Elite Model Look on behalf of Of Wit and Will.


What do the Super Bowl, fine jewelry and video games have in common? These are three clients from different worlds, with unusual mandates requiring original solutions. All were handled successfully.

Designed by STC AssociatesThe Engine Behind USA Today AdMeter

Last year was when USA Today AdMeter became the online voting reference for the Super Bowl commercials. Asked to develop the digital voting mechanism, we built the engine behind AdMeter, tracking hundreds of millions of page views and millions of real-time viewer ratings of the 52 commercials aired during the 2013 game– and also in 2014.

Designed by STC AssociatesLuxury is in the Experience

Zoya, the luxury jeweler owned by India’s Tata Group, selected the STC India team to design, develop and promote the online showcase of their outstanding designs and collections. A complete digital strategy maximizing online and social media presence includes the Zoya customer in the opening of new boutiques and the launch of new lines.

Organized by STC AssociatesTaking the Floor and SWAPing Away

For the third year in a row, we planned and executed the game-and-play retail experience for Activision: SWAP Force, the latest version of the adventure video game in the multi-billion dollar Skylanders franchise. With launch events at Toys “R” Us and FAO Schwarz, we played with kids and parents and watched on-site sales skyrocket.

Planned by STC AssociatesA Great Start That’s Ongoing

To launch its new Carrier Services division after its Cable & Wireless acquisition, Vodafone called upon us to plan, design and manage the ultimate brand experience at ITW 2013. From a modern lounge where new relationships started and an evening at a speakeasy club, DrumBAR, the telecom executives networked in the freewheeling era of thirties Chicago and made plans for 2014.



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