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/ A Healthier Lifestyle for Today’s Children

How in the world did we get here? The current news reports are startling: over the past 30 years, childhood obesity in America has tripled. Put differently, one in three youngsters in this country are overweight or obese — a … Continue reading

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/ ON BOARD WITH Keila Taveras-Rodriguez

During the past seven years, our intrepid Keila has worked at three different STC offices on Fifth Avenue, in addition to traveling 9,500 miles to our office in Singapore. As a talented and versatile Senior Graphic Designer — she has … Continue reading

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/ I’m Sorry— Wait… No I’m Not. Thanks Pantene For Making Me Realize It.

…A person on a quiet-commute train car is gabbing on the phone. I’m sorry. Can you please keep it down? …I want to suggest an idea or tell a story but someone keeps talking over me. No, I’m sorry. …Someone … Continue reading

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/ Nixon Watches: Visually Stimulating Web Experience

Nixon Inc. has a beautiful way to organize their website. Nixon uses a clean grid system to show their product images, collections and social media in an interesting way. The website uses tight serif typography with pops of color in their … Continue reading

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/ THINGS WE LOVE: Oodles of Doodles

We are not going to conduct a Rorschach or “inkblot” test (a method of psychological evaluation) of the doodles we’re showing here because I’m not a fan of psychoanalysis. Case in point: the famous line in the movie, The Departed, … Continue reading

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/ I’m a designer, I don’t write.

“Oh, they’re design students, they don’t write”.  It wasn’t unusual for students from different majors to say something like this when working on a cross major group project in school. Actually, it was quite common. For some reason, it is … Continue reading

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/ Lessons Learned from Facebook Fit

On Tuesday, June 3 STC’s digital marketing team attended Facebook Fit New York, the first of a national series aimed at small businesses (SMBs). Despite feeling like I was placed into HBO’s show Silicon Valley for five hours, I acquired … Continue reading

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