/ Nixon Watches: Visually Stimulating Web Experience

Nixon Inc. has a beautiful way to organize their website. Nixon uses a clean grid system to show their product images, collections and social media in an interesting way. The website uses tight serif typography with pops of color in their photography.
Nixon Watches Website
Some things that may be able to be improved are the videos for mobile. Sometimes, the play button appears twice when selected. Also, the buttons in the slider can be a little smaller.
Nixon Watches
Overall, Nixon’s sleek and modern approach to digital is on-point.

About Gina Parascando

Gina is a graphic designer, photographer and 3D animator working with the STC team. With her design work for clients, she approaches projects like puzzles, ready to solve. With her unique photography skills, she likes to work in typologies of environmental portraiture. Gina is a New Jersey native and all-around awesome gal!
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