/ I’m Sorry— Wait… No I’m Not. Thanks Pantene For Making Me Realize It.

…A person on a quiet-commute train car is gabbing on the phone. I’m sorry. Can you please keep it down?

…I want to suggest an idea or tell a story but someone keeps talking over me. No, I’m sorry.

…Someone bumps into me? I’m so sorry.

As a woman, I always notice other women (including myself) over-apologizing. We seem to replace “excuse me” with “sorry” as a qualifier, which makes us look weaker. No matter how small, we should stop apologizing for things that don’t deserve apologies.  This is not a “feminist way” of thinking… It’s a positive, confident way of thinking for women (and perhaps some men) that needs to be recognized.

Pantene (P&G) brought this shift of perspective to the forefront in just one minute. Their thought-provoking #ShineStrong video campaign is shifting how we talk to others and feel about ourselves— an internal “aha” moment if anything. With a live feed on the campaign microsite, visitors can become inspired by the video and social media engagement. Fans are thanking Pantene for inviting them to “Shine Strong” and expressing how they are “Sorry, Not Sorry.”

Though this campaign isn’t a way to advertise hair products or drive sales conversions (though there are countless links to product pages); it is a way to invite women to be, perhaps, “stronger than their hair.” Pantene is strengthening their digital brand image as more and more women are engaged though this campaign online and in the media.

Tell us in the comments: What is the silliest thing you can remember apologizing for? 

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Christine Borkowski is the Digital Marketing Lead at STC New York, specializing in digital media. She's seen award-winning projects through from brainstorm to execution working with clients like Accenture, Voss Foundation and Activision. She's a city-loving beach bum whose interests include tech, music and comedy. Marketing communications piqued Christine's endless curiosity at James Madison University (Go Dukes!). Twitter: @Chrissy_Cecilia
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