/ ON BOARD WITH Keila Taveras-Rodriguez

Keila Taveras-RodriguezDuring the past seven years, our intrepid Keila has worked at three different STC offices on Fifth Avenue, in addition to traveling 9,500 miles to our office in Singapore. As a talented and versatile Senior Graphic Designer — she has worked on or supervised — a wide variety of accounts. “I’ve pretty much touched on every client that we’ve had since I’ve been here — in one way or another,” says Keila.

Do you miss living in the sunny Dominion Republic?

Yes, I’m actually happiest when it’s really warm. Now that we’re heading into summer I’m in much better spirits.

Why did you name your cat “Lucky”?

When we visited the North Shore Animal League to adopt a cat he was the only one that didn’t come up to us to be cuddled. He just sat in a corner by himself so we decided that he was the “Lucky” one.

What’s your favorite routine when you’re at the gym?

I like going to classes that have an instructor and you just follow along. But my real exercise is with my family on the weekend when we go biking in the park.

Does your two-year-old son look like you or your husband?

He’s a clone of my husband. But we have a matching beauty mark on our back and the same birthmark on our right thigh — which is really cool.

How was your four-week stay in STC’s Singapore office?

It was a lot of fun. It was an exchange program in the summer of 2008. A designer and an account manager from Singapore came to New York when I was there. I saw how things really work on a day-to-day basis. It’s very laid-back.

What’s your all-time favorite movie? Why?

I’m into animated films so I really like Frozen and Finding Nemo. I think they are visually stunning and I know that creating all those textures is not easy — it’s very time-consuming.

Favorite Latino dishes to eat? To prepare?

Making and serving Pasteles en Hoja (spicy ground meat wrapped in banana tree leaves) at Christmas time is a tradition in the Dominion Republic. It’s a lot of work but my family makes it fun. We set up an assembly line and make close to 500 beef pockets that are divided up among each household. Then we freeze them and bring them out whenever we want.

Are people friendlier in the Dominion Republic?

Yes, definitely. Everyone here is in their own little world. I think New York needs to warm up a bit.

If you won a Mega jackpot what would you do?

I’d buy tickets on the first commercial flight into outer space for me and my Dad because we both love everything about this subject.

As a graphic designer, what do you enjoy doing the most?

I think I enjoy the creative process best of all. Once you crack it and have what you want — and the client wants — that’s the best thing, bringing it to life.

Do you have a travel bucket list?

Oh, sure. Top of the list is Brazil, followed by Africa, Iceland, Japan, the Galapagos Islands and Australia.

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