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/ STC Singapore’s Visit to the Social Media World Forum, Asia

The phenomenon that is social media has taken the marketing industry by storm, with organizations of all sizes, from various geographical regions, and levels of country economic development – standing up to take a firm hard look at the landscape … Continue reading

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/ 5 Tips For Facebook Marketing Newbies

Many companies merely tick the social media box – they create a token Facebook page but miss the enormous business opportunities it can offer. Need some ideas on how to build a following, generate interactions, and increase brand loyalty?  Read … Continue reading

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/ Social Media Confluence: thisMoment Software Platform Embraces All Channels

For brands that want chatter in all social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube…to name only a few) in one controlled environment, here comes a great new Social Engagement software platform called thisMoment (not to be confused with, which is … Continue reading

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/ Wooing the Bloggerazi: The Ann Taylor LOFT Event

Last year, the Federal Trade Commission came down mightly on bloggers (large and small, established and fledgling), saying that they needed to disclose any freebie they received when it pertained to a blog post. It was particularly vocal when it … Continue reading

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/ The New Wave of Social Media: FourSquare and More…

If you thought Twitter and Facebook were the wave of the future for social media, you may want tweak your thinking slightly. According to a recent article in Womens Wear Daily, several fashion brands are exploring strategies that connect with … Continue reading

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/ Why Social Media Strategies Need Traditional Media Too (and Vice Versa)

I recently read an article that talked about how the top 500 fastest growing companies are using social media, with statistics taken from a Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth study. The study shows how much … Continue reading

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/ Crowdsourcing and the Extremely Impressionable “Twist” Ad

How impressionable are women? Apparently extremely impressionable, according to a new advertisement for the fragrance Twist from Axe, a Unilever brand. The advertisement shows a woman who is restless on her first date with a guy who she is only … Continue reading

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/ And the Oscar Goes to…the FCC?

For many Cablevision patrons, Sunday was a day filled with several stages of emotion, to say the least. Subscribers got wind that the Disney-ABC/Cablevision deal was far from finalized at midnight on March 6th, when Cablevision’s contract with ABC expired. … Continue reading

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/ Communications in an Era of Political Scandals: The Patterson-Kauffmann question.

If you’ve been following the case of Governor Patterson (and what New York State denizen hasn’t?), you would have heard that his Communications Director resigned yesterday following the development of the two Governor scandals that were unveiled to the public. … Continue reading

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/ Autopersonizable Direct Mail

A genuinely interesting and interactive Direct mailer idea.

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