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/ Toyota: When the Straight-A student Gets Caught Cheating.

When the news broke about Toyota’s recall, I felt like I used to feel when I was a teacher and the smart, disciplined student who always sat in the front row cheated for the first time. Then, the details unfolded. … Continue reading

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/ Conservatives, Liberals and the Art of Simplicity

Conservatives have mastered the art of framing issues in a way that moves people to act, and liberals keep trying to get a dead horse to giddyup. Here’s how conservatives manage to frame ideas people may want to buy. Conservatives … Continue reading

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/ Creative Therapy

A good creative brief can be therapeutic. Bear with me here. You walk into a meeting thinking you know exactly what your brand challenge is and how to fix it. You just need the agency to execute. Then, you get … Continue reading

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/ The Google Promise

There is a lesson to be learned from Google’s Internet war with China. The region has more than 250 million people surfing the web, and Internet censorship practices that prevent “subversive” material from influencing the masses. Google has recently challenged … Continue reading

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/ When Your Employee is the Brand

Workplace squabbles over promotions or cubicle space are typically negotiated behind closed doors. But what happens when the employee is a brand? They may take their causes to the airwaves. Conan O’Brien did just that. After being screwed out of … Continue reading

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