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/ IE6's days are numbered

Statcounter’s stats show that IE6 currently accounts for 4.7% of internet traffic (and declining) Web developers everywhere, cheer.

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/ You Wouldn't Drink 9 Year Old Milk…

Microsoft (Australia) has a brilliant ad encouraging Internet Explorer 6 users to upgrade. Good advice from Microsoft. Some better advice would be to use a standards compliant browser, like Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox or Apple’s Safari.

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/ Friday fun

An great tribute to Saul Bass featuring everyone’s favorite mysterious island show Lost.

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/ Thinking outside the box

Say you’re a Bavarian motorcycle company and you want to show off the performance of your new sport bike…

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/ Jammed 2.0

Do we still call it culture jamming when it’s an ad?

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/ Happy Holi

For all of our Indian friends, colleagues and clients, a Happy Holi. Have some virtual color on us.

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/ Developing Websites for the Non-Technical

Quick, name something that you use every day but have no idea how it works, or what exactly it’s doing. Seems silly right? Well what if that thing was a web browser? Hmm. not as silly now is it? Google … Continue reading

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/ Refreshing a Legendary Brand

The BBC has been broadcasting since 1927, and has had a web presence since 1997, an eternity in both worlds. They’ve got a very interesting post up on their internet blog discussing the growth of their Global Visual Language — … Continue reading

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/ Keep Walking

This is quite possibly the smartest piece of viral film-making I’ve seen.

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/ If Stop Signs were Designed by Committee

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