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/ I’m a designer, I don’t write.

“Oh, they’re design students, they don’t write”.  It wasn’t unusual for students from different majors to say something like this when working on a cross major group project in school. Actually, it was quite common. For some reason, it is … Continue reading

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/ Looking Ahead…and Proud

With goals and dreams for 2014 already in the making, we are now looking back at 2013 with wonderment. We’ve rarely shared the successes of our team of graphic artists, writers and business builders. So, before we forget the past … Continue reading

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/ THINGS WE LOVE: The Bold Intensity of Red

One of the most striking features of STC’s offices is the use of the color “red”. Cubicle dividers and chair seats have red accents while red desk lamps add a mellow glow to the office. We even have red picture … Continue reading

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/ Taglines: Magical Tell Tales

Taglines have magical power. The popularity of some of these lines is so remarkable they’ve become part of the culture. While running for the U.S. presidency, Walter Mondale said, “Where’s the beef?” to his opponent, Gary Hart — and the … Continue reading

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/ Abercrombie & Fitch: Rebranding at Its Best

An Inauspicious Start in 1892 The Abercrombie Company began life in a shop on South Street in Manhattan 121 years ago. David Abercrombie, the founder, was joined eight years later by Ezra Fitch, a lawyer who wanted to expand the … Continue reading

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/ LOGOS: Three Hits, One Big Miss

Everyone knows that logos can make a critical and lasting impact. Very often a company’s image is a direct reflection of its logo. So, let’s see what makes a logo memorable and discuss why it’s so important for a company. … Continue reading

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/ Branding With a Twist

Let’s start with the standard definition of branding: a marketing strategy used to differentiate products in the marketplace. It consists of a name, symbol, term, sign, design or a combination of these to identify the goods and services of a … Continue reading

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/ The Cooperstown Brand May Suffer if Speculative Steroid Abusers are Banished from Baseball’s Hallowed Halls

Today was a brand-defining day for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF). Baseball has shut the Hall of Fame door on steroid era players – at least for the moment. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and Mike … Continue reading

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/ 12-12-12 Concert: Superstars and Samsung Shined

Last night, the 12-12-12 Concert was a star-studded event with good intentions. Celebrities gave their time to perform (Wall Street Journal), answer phone calls and talk about affected areas of the Tri-States. All proceeds went to the Robin Hood Relief … Continue reading

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