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/ Microsoft Strikes Back The Perfect New Logo

Microsoft unveils a new look Microsoft, after 35 years in the ring, stands at the forefront of technology. They may have been dominating the early rounds of the fight for consumer electronics Champion of the World, however, in the last … Continue reading

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/ Why is typography so important?

As graphic designers, we hear the word typography all the time. What is typography and why is it so important? Typography is the art of designing and arranging letters in order to create a word. Depending on its weight, width … Continue reading

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/ Use This Manual.

The ubiquitous Instructional/User’s Manual: we’ve all purchased a few devices in our lifetime that come with them, but how many times have we actually bothered to refer to them? More often than not, when presented with an operating challenge, we’d … Continue reading

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/ TP or not TP? That is the question…

Or the fine art of penetrating continental Europe markets for the very first time. How do you create a powerful in-market & in-language impact when everyone knows you as an Anglophone-centric company? Tata Communications holds huge brand equity on a … Continue reading

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/ “En Suite” or Solo?

They say “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Well, “they” omit to consider when parts are in dire need to converge. The setting?  The IBC 2011 mega-media show held in Amsterdam September 8 – 13, 2011. … Continue reading

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/ “I Love My Mac!”

This exclamatory remark has become so ubiquitous that most of us cannot remember when we didn’t hear it. Why do we all express so much emotion for an inanimate object? Why has this line become so popular that it appears … Continue reading

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/ STC SG: Polo Tournament Recap

STC Singapore was recently involved in helping Tata Communications create an impactful branding presence during the annual Singapore International Polo Tournament of which they were the main sponsors. From the invitations to the gift bags, the collaterals contained a tweaked … Continue reading

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/ Paris Design Week Makes its Entree in September!

Aaaah, the fine art of serving fashion, home fashion AND design on a silver platter in one go. In tandem with its distinguished Fashion Week and Maison & Objets shows, did Paris pull off its “first ever” Design Week? By … Continue reading

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/ STC SG: Project Recap…Part II

Our client’s recent participation at CommunicAsia 2011 saw the Singapore team hustling to deliver a successful presence at Asia’s leading ICT tradeshow, while providing strategy and creative support across inbound and outbound communication materials involved with the event. Months of … Continue reading

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/ STC SG: Project Recap…Part I

STC Singapore recently organised the APAC sales “Boot camp” for Tata Communications.  The theme of the two-day event was IMPACT, and the objective was to energise and motivate the staff for the upcoming sales year. To build on the IMPACT … Continue reading

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