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/ How to Plan a Corporate Reception

Where do you start when your client asks you to handle their cocktail reception at an industry conference such as the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) in Hawaii or the International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Chicago or elsewhere? Here’s how we … Continue reading

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/ The Rise of Girl Power Ads

It seems Q2 marked the dawn of “girl power” ads— what I like to call commercials with thought-provoking messages that empower females and change the forever-pink and flowery stereotypes. According to, 7 in 10 teenage girls believe they don’t measure … Continue reading

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/ Lessons Learned from Facebook Fit

On Tuesday, June 3 STC’s digital marketing team attended Facebook Fit New York, the first of a national series aimed at small businesses (SMBs). Despite feeling like I was placed into HBO’s show Silicon Valley for five hours, I acquired … Continue reading

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/ How Social Media Can Enhance the World of Luxury

One of the strongest arguments against the use of social media for the luxury market has been that it will dilute the exclusivity of a product or service. Luxury is, by definition elitist, social media platforms are democratic, everyone is … Continue reading

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/ How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest

Fans, readers and followers love contests. They’re a way for a brand to create buzz while achieving a number of goals from fan engagement to increased sales. Moreover, a Lab42 study of 1,000 social media users showed 55% of users … Continue reading

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/ The Millennials: Generation X on Steroids

These days “The Millennials” is a hot topic. However, when one asks for a description of this group — the answer is always “ages 16 to 35.” That’s a good start, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s … Continue reading

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/ Abercrombie & Fitch: Rebranding at Its Best

An Inauspicious Start in 1892 The Abercrombie Company began life in a shop on South Street in Manhattan 121 years ago. David Abercrombie, the founder, was joined eight years later by Ezra Fitch, a lawyer who wanted to expand the … Continue reading

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/ Branding With a Twist

Let’s start with the standard definition of branding: a marketing strategy used to differentiate products in the marketplace. It consists of a name, symbol, term, sign, design or a combination of these to identify the goods and services of a … Continue reading

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/ 12-12-12 Concert: Superstars and Samsung Shined

Last night, the 12-12-12 Concert was a star-studded event with good intentions. Celebrities gave their time to perform (Wall Street Journal), answer phone calls and talk about affected areas of the Tri-States. All proceeds went to the Robin Hood Relief … Continue reading

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/ Crash Course: What Twitter Is and How to Create Shareable Content

Twitter is a free social network that is so simple, yet profound. In the seven years of its existence, Twitter acts as a real-time news source, communication channel, sharing mechanism and trend machine all in one. Twitter can be a … Continue reading

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