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/ Nature's Best Photography: Windland Smith Rice International Awards

This is an amazing photography exhibit at the The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in DC. Anyone can submit their photographs for the yearly competition.

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/ fun photography site

The concept behind youngme / nowme is simple. Find an old photo of yourself from your childhood, and recreate it now. some are funny, some stupid, and some are just wrong.

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/ killer tires bro

Is this art? i’m not sure, but those are some sweet tires. oh yeah, and it actually works…kind of. Click here to see the video Bike by Max Knight.

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/ We may need to recruit this kid

As rich and robust our IT department is, we may have to open a spot for 11-year old Jon Penn, who manages his elementary school’s 60-machine network. This all started when the previous network administrator at his Sherwood, Arkansas school … Continue reading

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/ The City That Never Stops Talking

I came across an article today about a new exhibit at the MoMA entitled “Design and the Elastic Mind”, however one particular piece of it attracted my attention. Some researchers from MIT created a project that takes a look at … Continue reading

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/ Steampunk Mac Mini

I think Mac fans will like this. Dave Veloz from SteamPunkWorkshop transformed a standard Mac Mini into a steampunk-style computer. This Mac Mini features a custom paint job and engraving, and comes complete with a custom keyboard and monitor with … Continue reading

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have you ever sat around, wondering to yourself, what would the StarWars title graphics look like if they’d been done by Saul Bass? Well wonder no more. [youtube]z25t-PQDn5A[/youtube]

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/ Tis the season to be jolly

Merry Christmas from STC Singapore! A little something we’ve put together for the festive season, and also to keep us 4 company. Merry Christmas everyone. Don’t get too sloshed. From – Alan, Grace, Aaron, Sophia

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/ STCubed

Bored of the single page 1-face portraits? Inspired by the STC squares and cubes, we felt a strange desire to cube ourselves…

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/ This is for you Laurent…

Although everyone should enjoy this picture. Sunday lunch in Saint Martin Petit, France…

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