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/ The Cooperstown Brand May Suffer if Speculative Steroid Abusers are Banished from Baseball’s Hallowed Halls

Today was a brand-defining day for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF). Baseball has shut the Hall of Fame door on steroid era players – at least for the moment. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and Mike … Continue reading

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/ Microsoft Strikes Back The Perfect New Logo

Microsoft unveils a new look Microsoft, after 35 years in the ring, stands at the forefront of technology. They may have been dominating the early rounds of the fight for consumer electronics Champion of the World, however, in the last … Continue reading

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/ at&t&t

No its not a typo. At&t announced this morning they would acquire T-Mobile from Deutsche telekom for 39 Billion dollars. the press release will give you better technical details than me, but i am just wonder how is the brand … Continue reading

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/ Visual Trend Report – Fall 2010

I am very excited to share a new initiative we have developed internally and consist in geenrating trend reports on a quartely basis based on what we have observed on the field. Taking advantage of our offices located in different … Continue reading

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/ Rebranding On the Fly

In branding circles we used to say, ” you can’t completely embrace the future if you don’t get rid of the past.” And this is precisely how I felt when heard about this Continental Airlines and United merger. What a … Continue reading

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/ Guidelines. Know When to Overwrite Them.

Brand Guidelines shouldn’t become that unpenetrable fortress. I cam across this article today and couldn’t relate more to a current project we are working on where a brand is taken over by another one and we have to channel the … Continue reading

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/ In Branding the Logo is Just the Beginning, not the End.

Make my Logo brand bigger. We are often confronted to a dilemma when developing identity for a new brand. With creating a new visual language, where does consistency become copy and paste and how do you expand brand recognition by … Continue reading

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